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Home Inspections in Tinley Park, IL

Are you considering buying a home in Tinley Park, IL? Buying a home is typically the largest investment anyone makes and it’s very important  to hire a professional home inspector with a meticulous eye to catch any underlying issues. You deserve peace of mind when you’re finally in your home. Our locally owned and operated home inspection service will give you a comprehensive report and inspection so that you can feel confident that there won’t be any surprises.

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Pre Home Inspection in Tinley Park

A pre home inspection in Tinley Park is a great idea if you are thinking of selling your home so that you can prepare your home prior to listing and so that there aren’t any unwanted surprises that may cause a buyer to walk away from the deal. There’s nothing worse than negotiating back and forth with a potential buyer, taking your property off the market, only for their home inspector find an issue with your property. Did you know most real estate contracts come with clauses allowing the buyer to walk away from a deal if there are home inspection issues?

What We Check for in an Tinley Park Home Inspection

  • Household doors: We make certain that the external doors close and secure effectively
  • Home windows: Our professionals make sure that the rubber gaskets operate properly
  • Garage doors: We operate the garage door and validate that the laser sensor operates  successfully
  • Exterior walls: We validate that the external walls and other wall covers are in good shape
  • Roofing trim inspection: Our home inspection pros make certain that the fascia, soffit, and eaves are well-maintained
  • Roofing flashing: We ensure that seams in the roof decking have a weatherproof seal
  • Pavers and concrete: Our professionals document driveways, walkways, and paths
  • Property drainage check: Our professionals document property angle, surface water flow, and shrubbery to report any potential water leak problems
  • Heat and vent system: Our professionals operate the heating system to make certain the mechanisms are functioning correctly.
  • Air conditioner system: Our home inspection pros review the AC unit, to inspect the controls act  correctly.
  • Features check: Our professionals document that your HVAC systems work  efficiently.
  • Crawl spaces and basements: Our professionals identify any trace of wooden framing touching with soil.
  • Water leak: Our professionals look over all trace of active water penetration.
  • Foundation review:  Our professionals test any symptoms of wooden framing in touch of foundation shifts, like degradation of sheetrock fissures, stonework cracks, off-square door framing, and uneven floors.
  • Structural wood inspection:  Our professionals view any knicks to or boring of frame wood that can anticipate a structural safety problem.
  • Electrical utility meter review: We validate that your electric metering and base are working effectively.
  • Safeguard review: Our professionals verify that the electrical conduit is grounded and linked properly.
  • Protection devices: We validate that your circuit breakers and fuses are working  efficiently.
  • Power switches & electric receptacles:  We inspect a number of fixtures, switches, and receptacles, which includes grounded switches.
  • Water supply valves: We ensure that the water main supply shutoff is operating  properly
  • Water boiler: Our professionals inspect the venting, fuel source, and temperature pressure relief valves
  • Interior water supply: Our professionals test all faucets and toilets
  • Drainage review: We look over tubs, showers, and sinks for drains acting efficiently 
  • Sump pumps: Technicians review sump pumps that are user accessible
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